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Major economic and social projects always start with an idea, and the idea cannot sprout, prevent, and bear fruit, unless the specialists embrace it, provide it with the will and determination, and cooperate for its success. It is the story of the Safilait company, which chose milk with his whiteness and whiteness with milk, so the idea was, with the first food that a person ate, and the first to feed breakfast with sunshine.
The idea was led by the struggling father Ali Safari, may God have mercy on him, and found by his sons next to him, and now the caravan is led by his grandchildren, and they have no interest other than how to satisfy the customer who is a citizen who begins his life with milk, and begins his day with milk, which is breakfast and the magic of the fasting person, the companion of the small and the fortress of Kabeer.
What matters to "Safilait" is to be a permanent companion for the Algerian not only at the lunch tables, but also in their healthy lives and their joys, offering them milk and its derivatives in the best suit, in form and content.
On our official website, we will always look at you with all that you like, exchange ideas and advice with you, and cherish any note that comes to you from you, because your food from Safilait is also ours. Your morning is pure white ... Your morning is clear like milk .. Your morning is Safilait.
Help us build together, just as milk builds our bodies with protein, energy, vitamins and minerals.

Company Description

Primary Activity

Milk and Dairy products production.

Distribution network

National area.


Production capacity

500.000 litres of milk/day.


S.a.r.l (With capital of 150.000.000 DA)


Our products have tastes

Product Milk

In the milk category, we have 5 subcategories in total of
9 products.

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Product Milk

In the cheese category, we have 6 subcategories in total of
19 products.

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Product Milk

In the cream category, we have 5 subcategories in total of
20 products.

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Heat treatment
Chef Houria
In the company of Mrs Paddy McGuckian. Founder of Almarai.
Visit of safilait by a foreign delegation
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